About Kram records

Kram Records is an independent record label established in 2005.  Featured artists genres; R & B, Hip/Hop, Pop, Rock, Gospel & Jazz.

"Urban Cali Vol. I and Vol. II complications were the first releases by Kram Records in 2005. Multiple songs by Kram Records artists were licensed for movies and commercial use.

Coming soon: Urban Cali Vol. III.  This will be another compilation CD featuring artist performing R & B, Hip/Hop, Pop, Rock/Hop.  Produced by Mark Carter aka Mellow Mac. 
Coming soon: The MarChameleon Band new single "I Won't Walk Away".  This is a powerful song with a Rock/Hop style with a heavy electric guitar and back beat.  Mark Carter was the music composer for the movie "R & B Chick" that featured several Kram Records artists.
All music was recorded and mixed at Kram Pro Studios in whittier and La Habra CA.

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Kram Productions, LLC PO Box 91168 Los Angeles, Ca 90091

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